Camp went off with a bang when the Grade 6s found out they will be working for ‘Powerbucks’. They learnt about investments, bargaining and whether to play it safe or risk it all. They had to come up with a name, logo and a YouTube advert, the grade 6s blew us away with original and catchy ideas.


The camp was packed with exciting activities and a lot of down time where learners could chill, play ball games or swim. The main activities that got the grade 6s hearts racing were the night games of capture the flag. sardines and an environmental game/scavenger hunt, where they had to take photo’s of the items that were hidden. The main activity though that really got the grade 6’s excited was the rock jump. Wow! Do we have brave kids!


We as teachers wanted to take time to just connect and enjoy some time with our classes. So we decided to do Care circles just to touch basis on how camp was going. We asked if there had been any fears that had been over come and if they had learnt anything out about themselves. These CARE’s ended of with funny stories that had happened at camp and all had a good laugh together.


We are so proud of our Grade 6s and how well behaved they were, it made the camp one to remember! Sadly the camp had to come to an end, we celebrated different learners for their creativity, thinking and innovation throughout the camp… The Grey Hounds managed to claim first prize and will be enjoying a fun-filled day at Rush!


Lastly we would like to send a special thanks to Birdie Num Nums for organizing the amazing food for camp, it was enjoyed by all!


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