Last Friday the incredible Grade 3s worked hard to assemble a truly UNIQUE assembly! Our little legends showed their grit all week as they memorised their lines and perfected their routines.


The challenge of performing on stage was met with enthusiasm, with our children’s excitement building every day towards their time to shine – and shine they most certainly did!




IMG_6133 2

The theme of the assembly centred around uniqueness and the students delivered a powerful message about the importance of embracing our differences and fostering our individual strengths and values.



Of course, in keeping with the SVPS way, this message was delivered with a healthy dose of fun, music and movement! From the hysterical synchronised swimmers of 3 Burridge to the hardcore rock musicians of 3 Altern, to the ‘thrilling’ dancers and agile kung-fu fighters of 3 Negus and Greenwood, our little superstars showed of their stage skills in style!




Our teacher hearts are full to the brim and we couldn’t be prouder of the hard work our Grade 3s put into their performances. Their presence – both on and off the stage – was impressive. What a truly UNIQUE and special bunch of kids!

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