Our Grade 1s got to explore their senses by the seaside last week as they embarked on their first field trip this year to Fish Hoek Beach. They eagerly arrived at school with their costumes and towels, and a sense of excitement lingered in the air.

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The weather was stunning, and the Grade 1s were ready for a fun day ahead. The trip started off with a refreshing swim in the sea. Those who didn’t want to swim in the sea had fun exploring and playing in the sand. After lunch, which included sweet and sour things to ignite their senses, the children excitedly awaited the sandcastle building competition. They had lots of fun showing their creativity and innovation.

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The field trip links to our Life Skills curriculum theme, My Senses. They had fun using their senses to explore the beach!

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The outing was thoroughly enjoyed by both teachers and children. We hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday and look forward to an exciting Term Two!


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