The Grade 6s were tasked with a writing project to speak about their ‘most prized possession’ …

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6 Bre 10
6 sk 10

In Grade 6 Brenner – Nathan Savides started with these words:

‘It’s not what you’d expect from a friend, but to me its more than just a friend. It’s a true friend. Yes, it’s my soccer ball, but it isn’t simply a ball….”

6 Bre 9 6 Bre 8 6 Bre 4

6 Bright 1
6 Bright 2

In Grade 6 Skippers – Montana De Kock imparted the following information:

“ My most prized possession is my hockey stick because hockey is my life. Without the sport I’m lost. I received my stick on the second of February 2019. It was the best stick in its price range. It is part of the Princess brand.…”

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Grade 6 we8 Grade 6 we6jpg
Grade 6 we4jpg

Our children are practicing their writing skills and using descriptive language to relay the information about their favourite items.


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