Term 2 is off to a busy start for our grade 5s as they delve into the meaning behind their surnames and try to discover more about themselves and their families. As part of the Grade 5 English curriculum, the learners have been given the task of constructing a project that explores their personal heritage and they have all had a lot of fun in doing so!


The Grade 5s have been asking questions such as, “What does my surname mean?” and “Do I have a family crest?” The Grade 5 teachers have been very entertained and impressed by some of the family history as well as the heartfelt paragraphs on why the learners’ love their families.

The Grade 5s have brought photos, books and lots of fun and interesting information that they have spent the past week sharing with their classmates and peers. We have spent time everyday in class researching, gathering and recording information in our own words. The skill of doing research and then summarising it in one’s own words is a vital skill to learn in the 21st century and our learners are quickly learning how to use internet resources with ease.


The Grade 5s have done an excellent job and they have used all of their creative juices and researcher ‘prowess’ to produce excellent projects that really depict their individual personalities. Keep up the great work Grade 5s!






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