Another exciting chapter awaited the First team Hockey Girls and Boys as they took on the best of what Hockey SA has to offer in the annual Knysna Hockey Festival, hosted by Backward Point Tours.

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Teams came from far and wide to attend this stunning event. The teams ranged from schools far up north, to schools that travelled from Port Elizabeth to attend this prestigious event. The girls and boys enjoyed a clear drive all the way to Riviersonderend , for a quick and well deserved pitstop.

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The trip to Knysna was a smooth sailing one and the girls and boys thoroughly enjoyed each others company, accompanied by their vibey music selections!

The girls were staying at the Point Lodge which proved to be a fine choice, while the boys were based at the beautiful Brenton on Sea. The boys loved the stunning rooms and big, open lawns. Our first evening at the Knysna school fields gave the students a chance to connect and mingle with the other hockey players.

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Back at the lodge, the girls had quick break, followed by a informal hockey workshop, where their roles and responsibilities were highlighted for their upcoming matches.The boys also, had a quick team meeting before being given some down time to chill, relax and prepare for the big day to come.

The first day saw the girls play the likes of Eversdal, Micklefield, and more strong teams. A tough pool draw, but a worthwhile experience nonetheless. A great day of competition and a few battle scars later, the girls left the field feeling confident about their game, and ready for round two. The boys played against schools such as RAMPS Club, Eversdal, Grove and more. The boys played beautifully and dominated the majority of their fixtures.

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During the free afternoons, the girls and boys enjoyed some time swimming at the beautiful Adventure Land. Unfortunately, their time was cut short by Load Shedding which put a halt on the slip and sliding. Trips to Puzzle Park (The 3 D Maze) are always a highlight and greatly enjoyed by these little legends.

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The teams set off back to the lodges where they enjoyed some free time before heading to a well deserved dinner!

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Day two saw the girls and boys energized and ready for action. Great victories over top quality teams through fantastic team work and great finishing abilities.

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Despite the exhausted, sore bodies, the girls and boys managed to give one last massive effort to place 3 matches on the final day of Tour. They showed true GRIT and determination to perform at their peak before the long drive home.


What a magnificent Tour this was, with a spectacular vibe and exceptional Hockey on display. We are so excited to watch these teams excel in the season ahead.

Thanks for the memories Girls!

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