‘Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!’- Dr Seuss

Grade 2 is a special year. This is the year of self discovery, exploration of differences and appreciation of each and every persons uniqueness. In order to help navigate through these times the teachers hold a day that we like to call…. SPOTLIGHT DAY!

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Spotlight Day is a celebration of our beautiful grade 2s and everything that makes them who they are. Each of them gets their own special day and on that day they are allowed to bring their family members, pets and special possessions to show off to their peers.

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We, as teachers, love to listen to the parents and family members, as they tell us new and interesting things about their child and what makes them so amazing! They share stories, memories and special words in order to make the Spotlight child feel special, loved and appreciated.

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The class is then allowed to share a kind word or special memory with the parents about their child. This consolidates the appreciation that we have for each others differences. We hope that each Grade Two child feels extra special on their Spotlight Day and we look forward to celebrating every child throughout the course of the year.

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