It was a bright and beautiful afternoon. A buzz hummed across the classes as they explored the different explorers. The excitement of venturing into their explorers’ journey was about to commence.


They travelled back in time to the 1400’s where the Grade 3’s met the two classic explorers: Bartolomeu Diaz and Vasco Da Gama. They found these explorers’ expeditions fascinating.

The Grade 3’s were enthralled and excitedly ventured to the next explorer. They set sail to the Land Down Under where they found Captain James Cook. They delved straight in and found their own resources to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their explorer.

They could not believe the stories so far and were eager to learn about more recent explorers. The next sailing trip was quite an extraordinary one where the Grade 3’s set sail to Krystyna Chojnowska Liskiewics. They could not believe that she was the first woman who sailed solo around the world and that she is still alive!

After much sailing around the world, they decided to explore the air, flying across the Atlantic to their next explorer, Amelia Earhart! Her fearlessness astounded the Grade 3’s and they couldn’t wait to read more.

Last but not least, we set foot on a hike to Mount Everest where they met the famous Sir Edmund Hilary! What a brave man he was!

Once the Grade 3’s decided on their explorer, they received their explorer’s information sheets and continued on their own journey with their famous explorer.

The knowledge, the excitement, the discussion and fascination has been endless. They cannot wait to reach the summit of their explorer’s journeys and complete their projects.

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