The theme for Grade 6 this year is ‘conflict’. We explore different conflicts from conflict within ourselves to conflict between race and gender… This week our focus has been on bullying and the conflict it brings to people.

We have discovered different types of bullying, from physical bullying and emotional bullying to cyberbullying. Today our Grade 6’s designed posters in their co-operative groups to create awareness of cyberbullying and ways to deal with it.

The Grade 6 teachers were blown away with the posters that their classes made. The information that was gathered via the iPad was incredible and even taught the teachers something!

The grade 6’s urge you to keep an eye out for signs of bullying… some things to look out for are the following…

  1. Decline in health and appetite.
  2. Less willingness to got to school.
  3. Drop in grades.
  4. Lower self-esteem.
  5. Use of drugs and alcohol.

We are excited to see what else this term brings!

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