The current Grade 12’s are the last class of Business Studies IEB students to write the two examination papers in their current format. After much debate and deliberation, the IEB has decided to combine the two 2 hour papers into one 3 hour paper. The papers are currently, paper 1: questions of a shorter nature up to about 8 marks maximum for a question, with paper 2 being 100 marks for 2 business reports. ┬áThe new format will be 300 marks in 3 hours and will incorporate the shorter questions as well as one business report for 50 marks.

I asked the Grade 12’s what they thought of the format for 2020 and they were divided on their opinions. Many said that they had grown accustomed to the rigour of the two papers and quite enjoyed the challenge of paper 2 scoring pretty good marks on that paper after years of honing the skills of report writing.

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