During Literacy this week, we challenged the Grade Threes to utilise their critical and creative minds and form their own opinion on whether or not computers should replace teachers. 

The Grade Three teachers provided their class with some useful information pertaining to both sides of the argument, but it was the children who blew us away with their unique approach to the topic and their carefully formulated opinions. 

The children could not wait to dive into this topic and expressed their unique opinions in a confident way. They demonstrated valuable speaking skills, such as the ability to concisely formulate an answer, express their opinions fluently and contribute to a constantly developing conversation. 

In order for the discussion to evolve, the class had to master the art of listening to their peers. This engaged their quick and critical thinking, as each child had the opportunity to build on the ideas that their peers put forward. 

Some valuable insights from this enthusiastic group of innovative minds include:

“Computers can’t take us on Walking Circuits and even if they could, they would go kaput on a rainy day!”

“If we had computers, our teachers would have no jobs and couldn’t pay their bills.”

“I would choose to have a teacher, because they can find out what level we are working at and challenge us!”

“Would we have break all day if load shedding started again?”

“Computers can’t give hugs or help us with our feelings!”

“I would choose computers, because you can work from home in your pjs!”

The Grade Threes creative interpretation of the topic lead to a vibrant class discussion that was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

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