Almost a full week into their first set of FET High School exams, and the Grade 10’s are taking the whole situation in their stride.

The exams are a lot longer in Grade 10, some of them up to 3 hours in length.  The other major difference is that the exams counts 75 % of the term mark and the assessment from during the term only counts 25 % .  For this reason it is vital that the Grade 10’s are thoroughly prepared for the exams.

The Grade 10’s are given 10 minutes reading time, over and above the time allocated for the paper, and it is important to spend that time reading the paper through thoroughly.  Often examiners “answer”a short question in a long question if the paper is read carefully.

I am pleased with the mature manner in which the Grade 10’s are handling the stress of the exam period and wish them all the best for the rest of their exams.

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