Standing front and centre stage, is a phrase that became all the rage. As in Grade Three you would see, explorers dressed in finery. Mountain climbers, pirates and crew, you could be an explorer too.

Men and women who led the way, gave our grade the chance to display, Explorer performances at their best and making us teachers feel rather blessed.


The performing arts in education gives students the chance to put the mind and body to work in a way that allows them to express their unique selves. Our Grade Threes were given an opportunity this term to delve deep into the mindset of their chosen explorer.

Not only did they prepare these pieces, but they were performed in the most compelling ways. Making use of costumes, props and back drops were all part of the exciting build up that led to the success of our first ever Explorer Performance task in Grade Three.

Our students were able to discover their own voices, grow in confidence and have fun when presenting to the class.

From beginning to end, the process of learning this fundamental skill of communication has been greatly enjoyed by all involved!

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