The saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun”. Well, this certainly rings true at Sunbird Pre-Primary, where we’ve had so much fun, we can’t believe that Term 2 will soon be drawing to a close.

The second term has been full of exciting activities, from the field trip to Kalk Bay Harbour, dressing up like a pet, the Easter Bonnet Parade and the Pyjama Party. There is still the upcoming Funscapes to look forward to before the term ends.

The Sunbirds have spent this term learning about different animals, from our pets at home to animals we find at the farm, in a pond and in the jungle.

Discussions have been rich with new vocabulary and classrooms filled with happy singing and dancing. Art activities have taken on lives of their own as the children’s creativity has truly shone this term. In the Art Room, the Sunbirds have painted, printed, traced, mixed and, most importantly, found a place to express themselves creatively and freely. Keep an eye out for those vibrant pieces of art which will be making their way home in the coming week.


While our little Sunbirds have astounded their teachers with their thirst for knowledge and love for learning, they have also taught us a thing or two. We, as adults, can learn so much from our children about compassion, love and kindness. These little people have displayed such wonderful life skills in their day to day interactions. They are quick to comfort, hug, share and support. These simple acts of kindness are what really matter in life.

Well done to our little Sunbirds for completing their second term of Grade R. The teachers and staff at Sunbird Pre-Primary are so grateful to have these little lights in our lives.


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