Every year different grades touch on what bullying is and what to do when being bullied, but in Grade 6 we decided to dive a bit deeper into this topic. We have looked at the reasons behind bullying, different types of bullying and how to help other people out of a tough situation.

The week after exams has been a creative week, we have written poems from both sides of the bullying world. In the first poem we had the students imagine themselves as the bully, what type of bully would they be, why would they be bullying etc. The second poem, the learners had to imagine themselves being bullied, they had to put themselves in the shoes of a child and show what emotions they would want to portray in the poem.

Another creative piece was creating a comic strip using the three steps of how to stop bullying. The first one is Self-examination, this step you have to look at yourself and ask what am I feeling that is making me bully? What am I missing at home or school that is making me act this way? What is my main trigger? These answers could range from not getting enough attention at home or school to just pure jealousy of a certain person.

The second step is to take control of your behaviour, remove yourself from groups of people who reward you for bullying others. If the group is pushing you into bullying someone, report them to a teacher/adult, if it is severe and you can’t help yourself then seeking professional help is also something to look into. This person may help you reflect within your self to find a way to help you.

Step three is to make amends with the people you have wronged by apologizing, showing them you care. Treating people with respect is a step in the right direction. If the person won’t allow you to, arrange with the guidance counsellor to mediate a meeting for you to apologize.

The Grade 6s would like to urge children and adults alike to reflect on themselves to see if they have ever bullied someone and why they have done it. We can make our world a better place one non-bully at a time!

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