Every year out Grade 7 students take on the infamous task of the Baby Project, a task closely associated with fun, laughter, responsibility and on occasion some mild annoyance. This year is no exception, our students were keen to tackle the task.

The various Grade 7 partners now carrying the titles of “Mom” and “Dad” dived into the task to construct their children using a bag of flour, stockings and the all important glues and sewing kit just to make sure their “little darling” is all stuck together and doesn’t run the risk of falling apart at a moments notice… or more likely to be fatally wounded by the wind.

The task was difficult as students were expected to complete construction on their entire baby, essential decorations of eyes, dummies and clothing included in a specific time frame. Yet, as all Sun Valley students do, and as the Grade 7 teachers love to inspire, the task was accompanied with laughter and fun in a constructive task-orientated manner. 

The only issues that came to attention were voiced by a few over eager Mommies getting stroppy with Dad for “Not glueing the eyes on properly” or by some of the Dads asking “Do we really have to change ITS nappy for two weeks!?” Despite the challenging circumstance these little legends built away and had their babies completed on time and looking gorgeous with relative ease. We’re look forward to the upcoming weeks to see how these champions continue to shine. 

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