In Grade 6, we spend a large part of our Second Term speaking about the country’s long journey to independence as we cover more intense aspects of our theme: Conflict in Africa. Our children read the abridged version of Long Walk to Freedom, a book written by Nelson Mandela. One of the many activities the children complete is writing a letter to Madiba expressing concerns or joys of the present South Africa.

Added to our exciting and busy week, the Grade 3s and their ‘box-book’ choice met with a Grade 6 learner and some fun was shared during their time dedicated to honouring the legendary Madiba on his birthday. Our children read to the Grade 3s and we even had some Grade 3s reading to our Grade 6s!

It is so lovely and intoxicating to see the children been granted the opportunity to share in this chance to give rather than receive. In conclusion: the future is all about choices; we cannot make them for the next generation, but we can help them make the right one’s for future generations.


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