Our theme for this term in Afrikaans is: Protecting our environment (“Beskerm ons omgewing”).  If we educate the youth and they can change their ways, we can help the environment on a large scale. The purpose of this theme is to educate our kids about a serious situation, but being creative and having fun while learning.

At the end of term we would have covered poems such as, “Krisis”, “Ekologiese voetspoor”, “Sal daar nog ysbere wees?” and “Pleitskrif vir die aarde”.  All of them deal with humans’ negative impact on the environment.  Poetry is a great vehicle to bring serious messages across. Our Comprehension theme dealt with Recycling and focused on the slogan of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

Our oral and written work requirement is for students to create and present posters that highlight their specific passion as to how to protect the environment. The topics range from banning single use plastics to how to make your own compost.

It is so encouraging to see the kids’ enthusiasm for the subject matter as well as their willingness to write and present their posters in Afrikaans.  I am very proud of the calibre of work that these students are delivering.

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