The past few weeks, in Grade 3, has meant focussing on using our creative brains when tackling academic subjects. 

Research has shown that happiness has a positive effect on learning, memory and social behaviour. SO why not keep our students happy with a little bit of fun!

In 21st century schooling it is imperative that we make learning relevant to our students, and at this age one thing that is relevant to all students in Grade 3 is PLAY.

Here are some of the fun ways we have been learning in our Grade 3 family:

Recapping directions in the form of building trust with our friends, the same way we have to trust the voice on Google Maps when following directions to a certain end point. 

Creating special glasses to SEA, I mean SEE, the correct HOMOPHONES in life!

Putting on our homophone glasses and searching in a treasure hunt to locate the correct form of the words “Their/There/They’re”.

Jumping around the clock, to different classes in our Jumbo Jigsaw Mathematics Lesson. Sometimes a change of scenery, or even a different voice will help our students to grasp a new concept.

Practicing Afrikaans dialogues with a friend on the jungle gym brings about a new level of motivation due to change in scenery.

Finding how to work together with the same and different E-colours; each group had a member who had a minute to memorise the layout of certain stationary items. This member had to, without getting involved, instruct the other group members to place the necessary items in the correct positions. 

Grade Threes have a LOT of fun during class time, we look forward to making many more memories throughout the remainder of the year.

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