Grade 11 Business Studies is a building block for Grade 12 Business Studies.  We start topics in Grade 11 that we build on in Grade 12.  One of the topics is Marketing.  Marketing is one of the 8 business functions that we cover in the subject from Grade 10 level.  This is one of the most enjoyed topics and many students find a passion for Marketing when we cover this section of the work.  The Grade 11s wrote a test this week and displayed a positive attitude to the process.  Many students discover their passion for Business in this section of the work and I hope that they see the value of this subject.

With new unemployment rates being 29 % in South Africa in the second quarter of 2019, it is vital that students become entrepreneurs and create work for themselves and others in the community – Business Studies is the subject of the future, providing hope for a third of the population who are not employed.

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