The Grade 6s have embarked on a Maths project, designing a park on an 18 acre piece of land. They have learnt about finance, measurement and time management and now it is time to put that all into gear! This project also touches basics of Geography as well, using maps and keys to show their design of the park.

We started with a letter from Mr Brenner, who made it seem that the Grade 6s were his descendants and he had left them this gift. In the letter he stated that he had bought this land in order to preserve it and he wanted the students to design a space where people could come and enjoy themselves in nature. The task was set, brains were ready to design and they had the budget of 1 MILLION RAND!

The Grade 6s were excited to get started… However they soon realized that this would be a difficult task and that in fact R1 000 000 wasn’t a lot of money when building this kind of park. The teachers gave them a guideline of how much certain items cost. For example a ticket office/cafe would be R200 000 to build, each bicycle would cost R500 and R350 per meter for a pathway/bike trail.

The teachers are enjoying this project as well; giving tips, having a laugh when students realise that their bike trail will take up most of their budget and watching the smile of pride on their students faces when they work out their budget with little to nothing left over. We look forward to seeing the end result!


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