Let’s take a minute to mentally high five our special Sunbirdies for their incredible performance on Friday. What little superstars they were!

Lining up to enter the hall on Friday morning, they were a mixture of nerves and excitement… and so were their teachers! Of course, we need not have worried. They outdid themselves!

Most importantly, they enjoyed themselves (the assembly more than the filming)!

With the Assembly now behind us, we are trying to maintain the theme of kindness each day. The saying, “be a little kinder than you have to” resonates deeply and is true for all of us.

In case you missed it, below are some thoughts on kindness from the little people:

I like helping my Mom when I make supper” – Saarah

Everyone asks me to play. If I’m the boss of the game, I always say yes” – Jaco

I’ve helped someone and I’ve just… many other things. I forgot.” – Mia

I think kindness is about saying nice things to everybody.” – Amiel

I think kindness is about friendship and because we help each other, for each other.” – Amelia

Kindness means being kind to your teacher and your Mom and your Dad and… ummm” – Wayne

I feel like kindness is about my friends and family.” – Jax

Check on people if they cry.” – Tyler

Well, what kindness means to me is that… Kindness starts with a K and you know, also that with kindness you get friends. The more kind you get, the more friends you get.” – Elias

And lastly:

I think kindness is just to be the best that you can and love everyone in the world, even the bad guys.” – Aleah

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