This term the Grade 2s have climbed into Enid Blyton’s fantasy, “The Magic Far Away Tree’. Linking to our theme, The Trees, Bees and Me, The Magic Far Away Tree inspired the children to stretch their imaginations beyond the norm and think out of the box, or… up the tree.

This week their creativity reached fever pitch when they got the opportunity to create their own “Land at the top of the tree”. The ideas that were being put onto paper blew their teachers away, from the “Land of Treasures” to the “Land of Teleportation”.

The writing and story telling abilities of these amazing children went to the next level as we were transported up The Magic Faraway Tree and into the many lands that were on offer.

We know that Joe, Beth, Frannie, Moon-Face and all the other folk who are a part of The Magic Faraway Tree would be so excited to visit all the lands that were thought up in the Grade 2 classrooms this week.

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