The Grade 3’s truly had a “jolly” time on the Jolly Roger. They experienced all the wonders of the V&A Waterfront.

As the Grade 3’s have been learning about transport, it was a great moment for them to experience the types of transport we used and spotted during the day.

The journey began on our trusty Springbok Atlas Bus which brought us to our destination.

After a beautiful drive through our town, we arrived and it was time to follow the directions to the meeting point and enjoyed our delicious fruit snacks.

“All-aboard!” The moment had arrived to set sail on the good old Jolly Roger. It was amazing to see the variety of transport of land, air and sea as we sailed around our tranquil harbour. The list was endless.

While one of the classes explored the harbour, the other class took a scenic tour, following the map to the famous Clock Tower. There, the Grade 3’s were able to absorb the rich culture and fascinating general knowledge of the Clock Tower and the V&A Port Alfred Waterfront! 

It was amazing to see their minds ticking through the information, connecting the dots of how transport and explorers are all interconnected. 

This will definitely be a memory to add to their memory bank!

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