Recently, the Grade 10’s and 11’s did a clean-up of the area between the railway and the street just past Glencairn Beach. We wanted to invest our time and effort in our immediate environment, to take responsibility for our beaches and to serve our community.

Our aim was to remove as much plastic as possible from this area to prevent it getting into our ocean and damaging marine life. The students were shocked and surprised at how much rubbish accumulated in such a small area.  Creating awareness is the first step in saving our oceans and planet.

All the students donned surgical gloves and picked up as much waste as possible.  Within no time we filled all our refuse bags and returned to school.

Although it wasn’t a pleasant job, the students did it with great enthusiasm and when we were finished wanted to know when the next clean up would be.

We must stand together, create awareness and take action in doing our small part to save our planet.

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