These past few weeks our Grade 7s have been lucky enough to have been visited by some brilliant guest speakers that offered truly brilliant insight into our current curriculum and activities being covered in class. These guest speakers are specialists in their selected fields. 

The information provided by our specialists played specific roles in our students recent classroom activities. As we’re sure many of the Grade 7 parents have heard from their children, we have recently tackled an abstract and practical task in Mathematics, namely, “The Raphael Sol Art & History Museum” project. This project practically had our students design their own art museum with specific parameters. One of these parameters was that the Museum had to run on a self-sustainable electrical grid. The way this was to be achieved was through solar panels.

In walks our expert and specialist, Leon Flaum. The Grade 7s had the amazing opportunity to hear the specifics on how and why solar panels work as well as the benefit they produce for society. The learning didn’t stop there, our kids also discovered the versatility of these panels and how they can be practically applied in the business world to accumulate a lucrative profit on an incredibly self-sufficient product. 

Another more personal seminar was focused specifically on our Grade 7s as individuals. As everyone knows, Grade 7 marks the beginning of your teenager years, and with that comes puberty and puberties best friend, hormones. We cover a lot of content in biology in our Thematic curriculum, one of the sections we focus on is how the human body changes and develops during puberty. A big part in this is educating our learners on how to look after their bodies during these changes.

With the major influx of hormones, teenagers often experience seasons of skin troubles; the most common being acne and the terrible pimple, the bane of every teenagers existence. To help our little legends through this trouble was Lee Mitchell, a beautician and skincare specialist. The learners were given a run down on how the human skin works and how it is maintained. They were then shown how to take care of their skin through practical demonstration with selected skin products and were shown how these products affected and treated the skin to keep it clean and pimple free.

This term truly has been a busy and exciting term for the Grade 7s and we look forward to more incredible opportunities to learn such as the opportunities given to us by our amazing specialist guest speakers.

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