We left the classroom walls behind us and headed into the neighbourhood. It was not long before we encountered our first obstacle… treacherous, freshly dug landscape for what witnesses are calling “Fibre Cables”. They were no match for the Grade 8’s determination for adventure. We continued our way through the back streets of Sun Valley until we came upon our most difficult task; getting past the four-way intersection. With careful thought and precise timing we weaved our way through complex light systems, flashing green and orange arrows, giant poles with no lights at all and our destination loomed into sight; Virgin Active Gym!

The Grade 8’s were exposed to a fun and functional gym session designed by a qualified gym trainer. The class was split into groups of three and then tasked to complete a 3-round-circuit. It was great to see everyone encouraging each other and doing some good healthy exercise. The Grade 8s learned some basic exercise drills that they can do at home to ensure they stay fit and healthy.


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