The Grade 10 and 11 Business Studies students visited The Bean People, a local manufacturer of bath accessories.

The business was started in 1988 by a local couple and they are really passionate about their product and the people that they employ.  The students were told how the company had humble beginnings in the owners garage and that the products were sold at Green Market Square.  The product has changed over the years, to the dissolving capsule with a foam creature inside that is known and loved these days.

The students were issued mop caps and were then taken on a tour of the impeccable factory.  At each station the supervisor explained what was being done and the Grade 10’s and 11’s were given a chance to try their hand at the manufacturing process of these products.  It is far more difficult than it looks and the students had to admit defeat in many cases.

The entire process is done by hand and the company employs many local ladies who are very skilled at their jobs and were very eager to teach the students. 

The factory is neat and well run and it was an incredible experience to see genuine entrepreneurs who love their staff and really believe in the product that they are producing.


The excursion was a worthwhile event and the Grade 10’s and 11’s really saw the value in it.

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