It’s all very well making projects look pretty and colourful and a delight to the eyes, but what if you have to actually make something happen? What if you have the pressure of getting the potential energy stored in your handy little battery through some wire you have connected to a switch (which you hope you’ve kept in one piece) and out the other side to a light that has to turn on! Oh and then back into the wire and back to your battery! Phew! There were many moments during Technology class where cries of, “Why isn’t it turning on?!?!” were heard, which is all part of the process. How can we learn to be creative if we don’t hit a metaphoric brick wall every now and then and need to puzzle our way around it?

The good news is….ALL these marvelous Grade 8’s made it over their “brick walls” and were able to let their little light shine brightly!

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