On Friday, 6 September 2019 Sun Valley, in partnership with All Rounder Academy, DP and Peter Butner Sports, hosted their annual Cricket Pro Skills Festival for yet another thrilling instalment of the event.

A beautiful, sunny spring afternoon awaited the players, coaches and parents alike as the boys dived straight into an exciting action packed afternoon of cricketing finesse!

Bergvliet, Kronendal, All Rounder Academy and our neighbours Fish Hoek all participated in this year’s event.

Each team consisted of 4 players, in an U11 and U13 category, where they put their skills to the test in seven skill specific stations to earn valuable points for their team and hopes of taking the crown as Cricket Pro Skills Champions of 2019!

Each station focussed on a primary skill within the game and allows the players to showcase their talents to the fullest. 

The stations included Big Hitting, a fan favourite, where learners used all their strength and technique to dispatch a full toss as far as they could. 

Bat Control, here players were put through their paces as they had to traverse through a tricky obstacle course while tapping a cricket ball with their bat.

High Catches, each player had five attempts at taking some seriously high catches to earn points for their team. Catches win matches!

Agility and Accuracy in fielding, yet another favourite amongst players, puts our athletes through their paces as they race around to cones, and take a shy at the stumps to earn points for each attempt! It is save to say that this one of the most exciting stations of the day. 

A special mention must go out to our very own cricketing gal, Miya Lalor who struck the stumps no less than 8/8 attempts! Well done Miya!

Bowling Accuracy, the station that causes the most distress for those wicket keeper batsmen in the teams, asked players to hit a target area, the stumps, or both, for bonus points. 

Diving catches, also known as, “TV DIVE CENTRAL”, here teams take a one way ticket to their dream catch.


Quick Singles, a new edition to the pro skills programme, where players run singles, in pairs. Each pair received 30 seconds to complete as many singles as they could while wearing pads, gloves and their bat.

A lot of fun was had, we saw some brilliant skills on show and the vibe around the fields, ad respective teams, was electric! The overall U11 winner was the Sun Valley Invitational Side while the U13 Winner was the ARCA team, well done to all!

Thank you to All Rounder Academy and their coaches, Peter Butner Sports and Sportsmans warehouse for their continued support and making the day such a success!

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