Three cheers for the magnificent show, Sun Valley on Broadway, “Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!”

The Grade 3s watched the talented performers in awe! They were bowled over by the flashing lights and the awesome dance moves. It was wonderful to see each child singing along to the songs.

Even more excitement fell across the classes when the Grade 3s were able to pose for a photo with some of the performers later that day! Gabi overflowed with excitement when she was able to take a picture with the one and only Mr. Fourie! Maya posed with the famous Ben and Edith stood with her lovely school celebrity, Rose!

In spite of the glitz and glamour, the Grade 3s showed such insight into understanding the performance and how much work went into it. Some quotes from our little legends are as follows:

“They were so brave to stand up to their fears and perform on stage!”

“It was definitely the best performance I’ve seen!”

“I just wanted to get up and dance with them on stage!” 

“I couldn’t help singing along to the jolly tunes!” 

“I thought Ben and Rose, the Broadway Show hosts, were hilarious! My tummy was so sore from laughing.” 

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