We have dived into our final term this year with our children.  And sticking with our year long theme of “Above and Below”, this term we are focusing on our marine life, the environment these animals live in, our oceans and how to protect and conserve what we have.

Apart from learning about our planet and its creatures we are also pushing our children academically.  Our big focus this year has been creative writing and coming up with compelling and inviting stories. 

This week the children used their imaginations to come up with a story about their “Deep Sea Adventures”.  They were challenged to add expressive vocabulary, correct sentence structure and punctuation for their stories.

Thinking, plotting and creating these stories have been hard work for these kids but they have handled each challenge with GRIT and determination.  These underwater deep sea stories are true masterpieces.  We have some future authors in our Gritty Grade. 

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