Grade 6 celebrating their favourite hero’s in Afrikaans.
At Sun Valley we have our very own heroes and heroins.

They have been tasked with an Afrikaans writing exercise. It was a news report about someone which helped mould them.

It was a sight to see the energy and determination in our Grade 6 children to ensure that they met the deadline.


All the classes were  given the opportunity to show case their work on an A4 page, demonstrating their hero and what their achievements have meant to the them.

Their Afrikaans ability would be tested and stretched as they have to complete the work in set amount of time.The children are at the point in their Grade 6 development where they are preparing for Grade 7  and testing themselves in all the ground work that 2019 has set before them.

Our children are tasting success in all they attempt and they are always pushing the envelope.



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