This past week he Grade 7s have been working on something special…the writing of their own poems. The instructions were simple:

“Create your own unique poem.” Despite the simplicity of the instruction, the task was much more difficult to tackle. Suddenly our kids had to choose what was of great importance to them, something that they could pour their hearts out on. 

They did not disappoint; across all four Grade 7 classes, poems were turned into works of art. 

From light-hearted topics like dealing with the insatiable desire to stuff one’s face with food to the complex and mysterious; confronting lucid dreams, where the ground shakes and the sky bends. Some learners even went to the deepest darkest issues, dealing with the realism of suicide and the freedom to love whoever you choose.

Below the Grade 7 team has included some of the most striking and stunning poems produced by our little legends:


A kaleidoscope of silver and blue,

Sweeping across the river’s roof.

Blades of light piercing through the sky.

Fluttering through the water like a butterfly.

The golden star begins to fade,

The deeper my body is immersed in shock.

My chest is blazing,

My eyes are hot.

As the blue is swallowed

by emerging dark.

Rose Venter



“LGBTQ and plus”

These Pride Flags don’t define us.

We’re more than just a “sexuality.”

All we want is equality.

We want to be able to love who we want,

We don’t want to have to put up a front.

We don’t need to be told that we’re “going to pay”,

or that we’re “going to hell” just for being gay.

How do we “ruin your life”, just by falling in love?

That everyone hates and we’re just despised for fun?

We’re “sinners”, “disgusting” and “so much more.”

You just keep saying we’re rotten to the core.

Why do they do it? Is it because they’re in denial?

Do they not understand that today there are no trials?

We’re not sick and we don’t need medication.

All we need is some motivation.

To stand up to the haters and get through strong, 

So that we won’t be told that we are wrong.

Taya Nevins


Dreams are Wild


Rapid walks through fantasy,

Exclusions from daunting humanity.

An abstract twist on reality.

Mentality of a jagged reality,

Savouring the view of insanity.

Abundant hopes and fears,

Radical blurs made clear.

Escaping the worlds small sphere.

When woken almost all is left to forget.

Idolising the few that change your mindset,

Letting the rest burn away as a cigarette.

Dreams are if delusions and reality have met.

Lucia Serfontein


Clearly, we have more than a “few” talented poets in our midst. We cant wait to see what further inspiration they can concoct with their pencil as their paintbrush and their words as their paint. We are very proud of our little legends.

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