In grade 5 we have been learning all about Cape Town and Cairo. We exercised our Geography skills by exploring the different weather patterns, as well comparing these two cities on a map and even looked at getting to Cairo from Cape Town! We learnt how to read weather maps and even did our very own weather forecast and presented it to the class.

Along with this came some interesting Historical information that really piqued our curious minds.  We learned that the Nile river was a very popular place to settle, and that the Egyptians used the Nile for drinking water, irrigation and for fishing.

The grade 5’s ended off their educational journey from Cape Town to Cairo by making a real life version of the Shaduf. What is a Shaduf you might ask? Well, we discovered that it is a very ancient piece of engineering that the Egyptians used to to collect water from the Nile. The grade 5’s had so much fun making this 3500 year old piece of machinery! 

This is a very useful skill to have in the drought I’d say!

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