Recently a group of Silvermine students had the privilege of visiting the Netherlands. Reflecting on why it is valuable is an interesting exercise. The opportunity to visit historic places that dates back way before South Africa was even first colonised, is amazing.

Visiting the Rijks museum and being able to see the work of great artists like Vermeer, Van Gogh and Rembrandt is a life-changing experience. It is a surreal experience to witness a self portrait of Rembrandt who was born in 1606!  We just don’t have this kind of history in South Africa.

St Jans Cathedral is a superb example of Gothic architecture and dates back to the same era as the Notre Dame. Jaw droppingly beautiful!

The Netherlands is not just about history. The students had great fun at The Efteling Theme Park.  We experienced everything from roller coasters to talking trees. Having the opportunity to visit this amazing place is also a once in a lifetime experience.

Every student came back a changed person in one way or another.  Whether they were deeply touched by the history they witnessed or just made amazing new friends and were introduced to a different culture, they were enriched by this wonderful experience.

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