Friday, 25th October saw the little Sunbirds’ excitement levels reach new heights. The day of the much anticipated pyjama party had finally arrived! The Grade Rs had been counting the sleeps until they could come to school at night-time and party the evening away in their pyjamas.

Of course, the added treat of snack packs (put together by the wonderful Birdie Num Nums) further ignited enthusiasm for the evening. However, the teachers like to think that actually the Grade Rs love school so much that, after a full and busy week, they wanted to come back and spend the night there.

There was a disco complete with fabulously fun laser lights in the Orange Class. The children had a boogy, showing off their grooviest moves. After that was movie time in the Yellow Class where they snuggled up with blankets, teddies and pillows and watched their film together.

In other news, the Sunbirds have been thoroughly enjoying this term’s theme of Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes. They have loved letting their imaginations run wild with new stories, revisiting old favourites and learning new songs and rhymes which will stay with them for years to come.

Dressing up, making and creating, swinging, jumping, singing and dancing is how the Grade Rs are spending their days. With so much more fun to soak up in the coming weeks, the Sunbirdies are making the most of their last few weeks at pre-school.


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