“The More You Practice, the better you get! One of South Africa’s most famous golfers, Gary Player once said, “The More You Practice, the better you get!” Well, the Grade 3s are certainly fulfilling every wise word of this statement.

It has been such a journey for these young inventors, explorers, travellers and astronauts this year. Just as they have been practicing time and time again for their GRIT Awards, they have taken Grade 3 by storm! Their GRIT Award song couldn’t be any more perfect as they have had to reach for the stars; climb every mountain high and swim the ocean blue. 

The goals that these Grade 3s have been achieving throughout this year has been inspiring. They could teach an adult a thing or two about being goal orientated.

They have showed true GRIT when when they have had to persevere. When troubled waters came, they swam the extra mile to reach their goals. Even when they felt they have fallen short, they have showed such emotional intelligence and continued to swim.

The Grade 3s can definitely give themselves a pat on the back!

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