The Save Our Seas Foundation has been dedicated to protecting life in our oceans, since 2003. They support passionate and innovative researchers, conservationists and educators around the globe by funding their projects and helping them to tell important scientific and environmental stories.

The Grade Two’s spent a fun filled day, learning all about the importance of our Oceans around us. Living in such a beautiful environment, it is important for our children to understand how to maintain and care for such an intricate eco-system.

Our day of learning started with a brief overview of the Rocky shore and its residents. After learning all of the do’s and don’ts of the rock pools, we raced down to the sea shore to discover an abundance of animal life. Sea Stars, Sea Cucumbers, Periwinkles, Limpets, Anemones, Seaweed and more. The Rocky shore residents were all displaying their natural beauty, showing our children just how beautifully they can live in harmony, when looked after.

We then explored the educational Save our Seas building, by using iPads to partake in a riveting scavenger hunt! Partnered up, the children solved riddles, answered questions and built puzzles in order to complete the treasure hunt.

We ended off our day of learning with a captivating lesson of how sharks are not to be feared, but rather protected and respected. The Grade 2’s have definitely been inspired to save our seas… Have you?

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