We had the wonderful privilege and honour in celebrating our special and gritty Grade 5s Achievements at their final Grit Awards Ceremony, where just a few tears were shed.


On this special day our Grade 5 families and friends  could reminisce back to all the amazing memories that we got to share this year, from the grade 5 camp all the way to creating our very own shadufs. We had the chance to step back from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives to see how far each child has come this year.


Many personal goals, group goals and challenges have been conquered throughout the year, and it was such a privilege to share this wonderful moment with them. Each child received their very own unique award in areas that their teachers felt that they were the GRITTIEST.





Then in each class the GRITTIEST child that has overcome many challenges this year with their head above water was celebrated and highlighted as they received the Golden GRIT Award. We then celebrated those who showed the most Passion and Perseverance this year whether on the sports field or on a general math problem, these children were awarded with the Red Rubber Ball Award.

Lastly we honoured those who showed great Emotional Intelligence throughout the year; as they are able to identify their emotions, regulate their emotions and show empathy towards others in such a unique way.



As their educators we felt like proud parents watching our “babies” grow up and find their wings and feet and be able to conquer whatever is thrown their way next year. It’s with heavy and sore hearts that we say good-bye to our precious Grade 5s and watch them leave our nests as they find their new homes in Grade 6.



The soon to be Grade 6s were led out by their teachers to a standing ovation as the parents celebrated their big babies for the final time this year.






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