For the Grade 7 learners of 2019, the season of Primary School Education is almost over and the end of an amazing year is drawing to a close. With this in mind and with butterflies in their stomaches, our Grade 7 learners took to the stage one final time to celebrate the moments for which they were grateful.

As they looked back at the last 7 years they were able to confidently say that they’ve learnt, grown and loved together.There was no question that the learning curve was steep and the challenges often daunting, yet as they stood before us  on that stage, it was evident that with courage and determination they have overcome and are now ready and rearing to go for High School. 

What a performance, what a celebration and what a special day! This will surely be one of those moments burnt into our memories forever.

We wish you all the best, Grade 7s of 2019. You are, and will forever be, valued and adored.

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