The Grade 3s turned into little bookworms as they began their first chapter of Book Week at school. 

They were buzzing with excitement at the prospect of reading to the Grade Rs. The Grade 3s had to think about stepping into their shoes and reason through the books that Grade Rs might like, a picture book, big font, colourful, lots of shapes, a fun story and interesting characters. 


The time had finally arrived for them to read to the Grade Rs. They paired up and wandered off to a quiet area where they could read through their stories, enjoying every moment of the variety of genres the stories had to offer. The giggles, the discussions, the love for books and each other was captured so beautifully in this lesson. 

What an experience it was for the Grade Rs to see where they will be in Grade 3 and in return it was a confidence boost for the Grade 3s to see how far they have come since being in Grade R.

To end this chapter of our Book Week, the Grade 3s reported back stating:

“They were so cute and good!”

“I enjoyed myself with the Grade R’s. Reading to them was great fun!”

“Both my Grade R’s were having fun finishing off the sentences to my story!”

“I forgot I was so little!”

This Book Week took them on a journey of a life time.


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