The sun was out, a slight breeze just cooling us down, learners anxiously waiting for the bell to ring and teachers excited to meet their class and ready to take on this year… the bell rings…

Kids come rushing in and wait to greet the teachers, big hugs were given, fist pumps and high fives were the main attractions!

We started with a CARE to ease into the year, we chatted about our highlights of the holidays, our goal for Term 1 and how we’ll achieve them. We then got to our tables to meet our new group members and quickly got stuck into work… wow were the grade 6’s in for a shock! Some were happy with doing work… some begged and pleaded to just have fun, but the teachers had other plans. (insert evil laugh here)

Teachers explained their rewards systems, like Ms Bright’s class gets ’15-minute Fridays’. This is where if their work is all caught up then they go to the field to just engage and enjoy each other. Mr Skippers class does a lot of dancing and gaming, Mr McGuinness’ class gets free time on the balcony and Mr Brenner’s class gets free time to chill and chat.

The Grade 6 teachers are super excited to connect and enjoy time with this bunch!




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