What an awesome start to Grade One it has been! Two weeks ago we welcomed our excited children into our classrooms. They were so prepared for the jump into Grade One and have settled in with ease! We have enjoyed getting to know them and they’ve been learning all about big school.

They’ve enjoyed exploring their new playground with some old and new friends, as well as getting to meet their very own HOOFIE leader. The boys and girls have started working in their very first workbook too! They’ve been learning about various shapes and colours and have been introduced to Peter and Paul, our first step into the exciting world of reading.

We also had our Capping Ceremony last week where a Grade 7 pupil gave each Grade One child a Sun Valley hat to welcome them into big school. This was an exciting and memorable day to kick start their primary school journey.

It has been a busy two weeks and the children are so confident and comfortable in Grade One. The boys and girls are ready for their Grade One journey and the teachers are thrilled to be a part of it!

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