Welcome back to 2020!

The Grade Twos have been having a blast, learning all about the precious penguins from all around the world.

Our theme this term is My Happy Footprint. Throughout the term, they will dive deeper into the world of penguins; and have already learnt about eight different species of Penguin, as well as their Life Cycle. Our Grade 2s will learn about where they are found, how they all differ, and even link them to our own human life cycle. We will be going on a Field Trip to Boulders Beach in February, where they will get a close-up experience of our very own African Penguin in its natural environment. A reminder that the due date for this Field Trip is Friday, 7th February.


We are also looking at “adopting” as many penguins as we possibly can this term from SANCCOB. All donations of any amount are welcome, and the money will go towards rehabilitating and feeding these rescued penguins for the entire year, until they are well enough to be released back into the wild.

We will be doing our very own Life Cycle project this Friday, the 31st January. Please make sure that you either send the four photos required with your child by Friday, or email them to hello@sunvalleygroup.co.za if you don’t have access to a printer, and we will print them out for your child.

Looking forward to this phenomenal year with you!

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