The grade 6’s have recently been exploring the world of conflict which influences body and self image. They have been learning about how everyday items such as magazines, Instagram and the media can affect ones self/body image and self esteem. They have been tasked with creating posters in pairs  to explore these topics as we start to tackle 2020 with a POSITIVE mind set.

They have really enjoyed learning about how they can encourage and support each other in this crucial time in their lives as they start to enter their teenage years. They have been looking into other cases of people who have grown up with negative body and self images and have learnt how to support others and their peers through an understanding of how others feel and being a pillar of support for each other.

The Grade 6’s have loved discussing such a relevant topic to them and have been practicing it in the classroom and on the field. This topic helps them focus on empathy, an emotion we hold dear to our hearts at Sun Valley.

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