After weeks of sleep counting, the day of the field trip finally arrived. The Grade Ones were beyond excited to embark upon their very first outing of the year! Cars were checked, seatbelts were strapped on and off we went on our merry way to Fish Hoek Beach.


The Grade 1s were encouraged to use all five senses throughout the day to fully engage with their environment. They heard and saw the waves crashing, the trains tooting as they sped past, the seagulls calling and, of course, the delighted shrieks of their happy peers.

The children took part in a sandcastle competition; serious business for some. For others, this was just a fun-filled opportunity to bury themselves in the sand or build themselves mermaid tails! Water and sand play is always a wonderful tactile experience and the children thoroughly embraced the natural elements surrounding them. 

The Grade Ones were encouraged to taste food that was sour, bitter, salty and sweet during their snacktime. Needless to say, sweet was the most popular and there was no shortage of delicious chocolates, jelly tots and other goodies on the day. Along with tasting different foods, the Grade Ones were also encouraged to identify smells specific to the beach, such as the salty sea air and seaweed.

What a wonderful, happy day we had at Fish Hoek beach engaging our five senses. Thank you to each and every parent who assisted with lifting and supervision at the beach. It certainly was a team effort and the teachers are grateful to have such a willing, helpful group of parents.


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