Last week our Grade 3’s went on a fun adventure to the iziko Museum in the Magical Mother City. 

This term in  Life Skills, our Grade 3’s have been learning about dinosaurs and fossils and as soon as they entered the museum, the joy and excitement was clear to see as their education came to life. 

They were met with such warm, friendly tour guides who took them around and gave such insight into the museum. 

In the museum was a discovery room.  A place in which all the students  got to experience learning through sight and touch. Feeling all the different animals and looking at the preserved animals displayed across the shelves aided in the building of good scientific vocabulary. 


They were then taken for a tour around the museum where there were dinosaur skeletons on display, here the students were able to visually see the size and height a dinosaur was believed to be. 

The Grade 3’s loved every second of the field trip and ended it off with a lovely picnic in the gardens where they were met with friendly pigeons and squirrels.


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