The grade 2s have been diving, flippers first, into the theme of Penguins this term.  From learning all about these beautiful creatures to writing creative stories about them.  The children have learnt about the types of penguins around the world and have recently learnt about the threats affecting penguins and how we can save them.  The children’s highlight thus far has been visiting the penguins in their natural habitat at Boulders Beach!

We started the day by having a discussion about the African penguin and how they live.  We then took a walk on the Boulders board walk, where we saw the penguins at every stage of their lives from egg to fully grown.  We saw chicks, blues and the process of moulting.  The children also got to see the penguins protecting their eggs from seagulls. 

After seeing the penguins we went to the beach where the children had to do their bit to save the planet by picking up the litter they found around them. We followed this by a picnic and a sand castle competition.  After a dip in the ocean and splashing of their teachers, we left Boulders feeling refreshed and eager to save more of our penguins. 


We would like to remind our parents to please continue donating towards our penguin adoption!

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