The grade 6 students experienced their very first field trip and WOW! It was nothing short of spectacular. Just a few kilometers outside of our Valley, we spent time in Muizenberg, discovering ourselves and boosting our self-esteem and self image, which has been our main topic this term.

What at first seemed a bit strange, our students got to warm up with their faces. Doing all sort of hilarious exercises got them blasting into laughter. As explained, they informed us that the warm ups play a vital role in any actor’s performance.

We got ourselves into all sorts of DRAMA, acting with the body, using only facial expressions, acting on the spot and doing group performances only rehearsed in a matter of 30 minutes. And what a performance!

Here is what some students had to say about the outing:

“ I just grew as a person today, I experienced that almost anybody can act. All you need is to put in plenty of time to rehearse and understand dramatic techniques. Breathing is important and you need to let yourself go and get your audience inspired.” –  Christian Ferguson

“I loved this outing! It was really enjoyable and FUN, I would definitely do this again!” – Kate Kent

“ I had so much FUN! This outing was outstanding, by far. I cannot wait to see what the rest of grade 6 has in store for me!” – Bradley Christian

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